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High Lifter Lift Springs

High Lifter is pleased to announce the newest addition to its line of suspension enhancing products for 4WD, utility ATVs. This product, the High Lifter Lift Springs, are a set of higher capacity, replacement springs which are components of the stock, shock absorbers. The original equipment spring is not heavy duty and is often fatigued early by heavy loads or continuous service with oversized tires, winches and bumpers, and the weight of accumulated mud. The TRX-450, on which we prototyped this product, gained about 1" of lift and ground clearance when we installed these springs. (It already had a lift kit installed.) Those stock springs were tired even though the ATV had less than 300 miles on it!

The High Lifter Lift Springs were engineered to provide about 100 additional pounds of capacity (per set) above new, original equipment springs that have never been installed, and to be strong enough to make a significant difference without being so strong as to kill the ride.

A complete set of the Lift Springs may be installed for substantially less than the cost of one replacement O.E.M. shock. Where additional travel is needed, or adjustability of preload, the aftermarket shock, though more expensive, may be the preferred solution. For those who ride at slower speeds, with big tires and heavier loads, the Lift Springs will be a welcome and economical upgrade.

The Lift Springs are powder-coated in an eye-catching performance yellow to let others see you have an upgraded suspension. They are very attractive against the stock, black, original equipment shock. The Lift Springs add some stiffness to the ride and decrease roll, but have not been found harsh or uncomfortable by anyone who has ridden them.

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